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Friends of Moriarty Restore Hull Bay Picnic Table


Dec. 19, 2004 – Christian Moriarty and friends from the North Side of St. Thomas placed a new top on the picnic table at the west end of Hull Bay. Don Edwards built the original cement table as a memorial to Moriarty's father, Paul shortly after his death in 1990. Paul had long been part of Edward's band, "Ground Sea" and a guitar outline was part of the original top and the replacement.
The seaside elements and 14 years of use and occasional abuse resulted in the table benches and top being almost destroyed. Christian Moriarty said he got suggestions from Edwards for some of the details of the new top. Several people helped with the construction and a larger group was required to move the new cement slab into position on top of the original legs.
Christian Moriarty plans to replace the benches with wood and fill in the name and guitars on the top with pebbles from the beach.


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