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Police Warn of Burglaries, Issue Security Tips


Dec. 19, 2004 – A number of burglaries have been reported over the past several days in various areas on St. Thomas, according to a release from the Police Department.
Police said in some cases the burglars have entered homes and apartments while residents are sleeping.
"These incidents have been listed as burglaries in the second degree," Sgt. Thomas Hannah, police spokesman, said, because the incidents are occurring at night with homeowners present.
He said burglaries usually occur between the hours of 11 p.m. and 4:30 a.m.
These are not the only burglaries taking place in advance of the holiday season, traditionally a time when more than the average number of home burglaries occur.
One resident of the Hawk Hill area told the Source her apartment was broken into during the day when she was at work. The thieves took Christmas presents and other valuables.
Another resident of Estate Pearl said she had her house burglarized just after a trip to the states. "They took clothes I had bought that still had the tags on them," she said.
The Virgin Islands Police Department is advising all the territory's residents to take these precautionary measurers to insure the safety of your family and property:
– Before going to bed at night make sure all doors and windows are locked and secured, do a double check.
– If the lock on your entrance and exit doors are more than 10 years old replace the lock with dead bolt cylinder lock that extends at least one and one-half inches into the door frame.
– Place all valuables in a secured container and keep them out of plan sight.
Do not place purses, bags, keys, currency or firearms where they might be visible from the windows.
– Before you go to bed, make sure your children are secure and safe in your homes, recheck doors and windows.
– Do not sleep by an open window, if you do sleep by or next to an open window make sure you have a locking device that will prevent anyone from placing a hand or arm or leg to gain entry into your home.
– Leave a light on in you hallway, bathroom or any area in the home in case you need to get up at night or are awakened by any unusual noise.
– Make sure all overgrown grass or foliage around or near your property is cleared to give you a clear view of your surroundings.
The release, sent Sunday afternoon, said during the holiday season when residents may be away from home for extended time periods, "We are offering these tips to help you make your homes more secure."


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