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More Caribbean Flair, Fewer Taxis and Less Commercialism


Dear Source,
Hi, I am a off-island property owner on St. Thomas, owning two private villas. I have traveled the Caribbean extensively, and love St. Thomas the most. However, I do feel some improvement is needed.
I just wanted to make a comment that I find the atmosphere better on Main Street when there are no taxis or traffic running from end to end all the time. It makes the environment seem so hectic and rushed. Why can taxis not be made available on the waterfront street only, or even better, up one street the other way? A tourist to the island can easily walk down or up one of the avenues from Main Street. Who knows? This will make a more pleasant shopping experience, which may mean increased spending with our retailers. Most places have a place where tourists go to get a taxi. In St. Thomas tourists are bothered every minute they are not in a store by taxis as they are free to roam and assault the tourists.
With the street being closed, I feel we could inject a little "island atmosphere" through street steel drum bands, local food snacks (coconuts with straws, mangos, papayas, etc.), local artists and local culture flair. Today with cars and shopping St. Thomas is no different from Palm Springs or any other downtown American city.
People are on vacation! They come to the Caribbean to see and feel how these people live. Let's give them some culture. The only culture I feel when downtown is hectic, with taxis yelling: "Ship? Ship?"
Thought I would add my two cents, as I think Caribbean and St. Thomas culture cannot be easily replicated, whereas taxis and shopping are worldwide.
Happy Holidays!
Annalisa King
St. Thomas Part-time

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