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On a 'One-Man Mission' to Ruin St. Croix Tourism


Dear Source,
I have been coming to St. Croix for 25 years. The place has turned into a tourist nightmare. I no longer come down there and I've sold my property that I owned for over 15 years. I also tell anybody that will listen that the place is unsafe for tourists and tell them to spread the word. The government is corrupt and run like a third-world country. The people are rude and very prejudiced against white people. I have seen this many, many times. They are still living in the slavery mindset. Everywhere you go you see churches and the people claim to be religious, but they are breeding lunatics and morons. The best thing that could happen to the place is for it to become a state. Then and (only) then will things be turned around. It's a shame that such a nice place is run by losers and stupid people. I am on a one-man mission to ruin the tourism of St. Croix and make the people pay for their bad judgments in electing inferior politicians and hiring corrupt cops over and over again.
Thomas Brundage,
Wolcott, Connecticut

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