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One 'Yankee' Says Brundage's Words Reveal An 'Ugly American'


Dear Source,
As a former "yankee," and now 16-year resident of the wonderful island of St. Croix, I think I am more than qualified to thoroughly respond to the "mission" of Mr. Brundage. (Epitome of the "Ugly American" that his words represent him to be.)
Nowhere on the face of this beautiful planet have I ever found more gracious, loving souls – per capita – than on the island of St. Croix. Nowhere have I encountered more camaraderie, more giving natures, more concern or a higher level of consciousness. What I have found here is a quality of life that I have not been able to duplicate in any state referenced by the poor, misguided Mr. Brundage. Yes, I have found places where the public services are superior and less antiquated; places where the educational system is more aggressive; places where there are indeed more police officers per capita. What I also found in those places were neighbors that had lived adjacent to one another for years and yet did not know anything more about one another than a name (if that). I found, in those same places, personal priorities that place a manicured lawn and the level of one's bank balance as holding more importance than a lazy afternoon on the beach with your friends and family, an evening sitting on the street corner talking with everyone going by, or the fun and laughter found at the corner shop. Intolerance, prejudice, abundant racism, selective nationalism and a pervasive, negative attitude of snobbery are the rule as opposed to the exception in Mr. Brundage's idealistic society.
Mr. Brundage is probably very wise to have sold his property here with no intent of returning. One truly gets what one puts out on this island. Somehow I suspect that Mr. Brundage received simply what he was giving. Poor him…..having his own attitudes and rudeness mirrored back at him.
Allow him his "one man mission." He will be the only one paying a price for his actions……this life does have a way of giving back to us what we give out. This beautiful island, and even more beautiful people, need not fear any "payback" facilitated by this ugly man. That debt will be his to pay.
And, yes, Mr. Brundage, I am a Caucasian female. In the 16 years that I have had the blessing of living on St. Croix I have never encountered the level of ugliness you described. It should make you stop to ponder why.
Most sincerely,
Bridget Cox-Dawson
St. Croix

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