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Mount Carmel Catholic Church to Start Classes


Dec. 29, 2004 – Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church on St. John is holding 'The Mount Carmel College of Evangelization' on Mondays and Tuesdays from January through March. Classes meet at 7 p.m. at the church and are free and open to the public, according to a release from Rev. Charles Crespo, pastor.
On Mondays, Old Testament Scripture I: The Book of Genesis will be studied. On Tuesdays, Catholic Apologetics (Defending the Faith) will be the topic, with several different teachers.
Classes will be accredited for two hours over 10 weeks, equal to 20 hours. Certificates will be issued only to those who complete a 10-week syllabus and a take-home examination. Contact church officials at 776-6339 or e-mail [email protected]
The schedule:
Ten Mondays – Old Testament Scripture I: The Book of Genesis
(Chapters in parentheses)
Jan. 10, Creation (Genesis 1-4)
Jan. 17, Generations: Adam to Noah (Genesis 5-11)
Jan. 24, Covenant (Genesis 12-17)
Jan. 31, Journeys (Genesis 18-20)
Feb. 7, Isaac & Ishmael (Genesis 21-26)
Feb. 14, Jacob & Laban(Genesis 27-31)
Feb. 21, Jacob & Esau (Genesis 32-36)
Feb. 28, Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 37-41)
March 7, Joseph & His Brothers (Genesis 42-46)
March 14, Migration & Settlement (Genesis 47-50)
Ten Tuesdays – Catholic Apologetics (Defending the Faith)
(Teachers in parentheses)
Jan. 11, "The Sabbath" (Fr. Charles Crespo)
Jan. 18, "Call No Man Father" (Rev. Dr. George Franklin)
Jan. 25, "Mary" (Most Rev. George Murry, SJ)
Feb. 1, "The Pope and Apostolic Succession" (Fr. Charles Crespo)
Feb. 8, "Confession" (Rev. Dr. George Franklin)
Feb. 15, "Communion of Saints" (Most Rev. George Murry, SJ)
Feb. 23, "Purgatory" (Fr. Charles Crespo)
March 1, "The Eucharist" (Fr. Charles Crespo)
March 8, "The Baptism of Infants" (Fr. Neil Scantlebury)
March 15, "The Trinity" (Most Rev. George Murry, SJ)
Classes coming in the next trimesters are:
Spring Trimester, April 4 to June 7
Mondays – New Testament Scripture 1: The Book of Acts
Tuesdays – The Catechism of the Catholic Church
Fall Trimester, Sept. 12 to Nov. 15
Mondays – Old Testament Scripture 2: The Book of Exodus
Tuesdays – Understanding the Seven Sacraments


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