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News Brief: Christensen Sworn In For Fifth Term


Jan. 4, 2005 – Delegate Donna M. Christensen, the V.I.'s Congressional delegate, took the oath of office in Washington, D.C.for the fifth time Tuesday afternoon. Christensen participated in the ceremonial Congressional Black Caucus swearing-in on Tuesday morning before joining her Democratic and Republican colleagues on the Floor of the House for the official oath taking for the 109th Congress, according to a release from her Washington office.
"The CBC ceremony this morning was moving," Christensen said. "It reminded me that it is a privilege to serve and represent the people of the Virgin Islands in the Congress, and that it is an important responsibility."
Christensen also noted the passing of Democratic colleague Rep. Robert Matsui, and former Congresswoman and CBC founder Shirley Chisolm this past weekend. "I am invigorated by their legacy of equality, justice and fairness for the people that we serve directly and for the entire nation." Christensen pointed out that Chisolm was never satisfied with the status quo and neither should anyone else be.
Turning her attention to local events, Christensen congratulated the Virgin Islands Legislature's Minority Caucus on their agenda. Michael Thurland, of Christensen's local office attended the Minority's press conference Tuesday and reported back to Christensen in Washington, according to a spokesperson.
On the Washington front, Christensen said, "I have also officially begun my agenda with the introduction of 12 bills, many of which are continued business from the 108th Congress." Four of the bills have not actually been introduced, according to a later release, but Christensen hopes to introduce them later this week.
Christensen will return to the territory on Wednesday in time for the Crucian Christmas Festival activities taking place on St. Croix this week.


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