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Agencies That Owe WAPA $13 Million: 'Pull the Plug'


Dear Source,
This continuing 'whine' is very ridiculous.
WAPA should 'pull the plug' on all government establishments except for hospital, police, and fire services until the government brings in the $13,000,000 in cash.
Yes, the hospitals represent a terrible portion of the bill but if the Senate building, Treasury building, and dozens of other agencies were shut down we would not feel any pinch for a couple of weeks. The hospitals, police and fire are direct and daily services that should be met.
Discrimination is against Federal law. WAPA practices discrimination by turning off the power to anyone who is late in paying their bill. Why not the V.I. Government?
One wonders what a discrimination suit in Federal Court would do the situation.
Merv Baer
St. Croix

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