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ICM Party Holds Meeting


Jan. 27, 2005 — The St. Thomas Club of the Independent Citizens Movement Party (ICM) held a meeting Wednesday evening at the Palms Court Harbor View Hotel. Present at the meeting were numerous ICMers to include Ms. Leona Bryant a stalwart of the ICM Party who gave an overview of the party from its inception. Ms. Bryant spoke of the days of the Unity Party, Victory '66, the Donkey Democrats and the deep passionate feeling residents possessed to go a step higher than the norm to change the usual scope of the politics in the Virgin Islands. Ms. Bryant also spoke of the stumbling blocks that were created for the party and the party's triumph following the election of the 2nd elected governor, Governor Cyril E. King, in 1974.
The meeting was chaired by Mr. Daryl "Mousey" George, Vice-Chair of the ICM Territorial Committee and its next meeting is Wednesday, February 16, 2005 at the Palms Court Harbor View Hotel. Mr. George said that "the rich history and values that were embedded in ICMers by the late Gov. King is key to promoting transparency, accountability and honesty in government which King and the Party stood for" and called on all registered ICM members and those No Party registered and anyone else who wish to become a part of a legacy that began in the '60's with the only local home grown political party in the Virgin Islands to join in the endeavors.
The ICM Party presently has three of its members in the 26th Legislature. Senator Liston A. Davis of St. Thomas and Senators Usie Richards and Terrance "Positive" Nelson of St. Croix. Also serving is Mrs. Colette White-Amaro on the Board of Elections.

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