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Public Dock for Water Island?


Jan. 28, 2005 – An ongoing issue for Water Island residents is having a public dock for their boats. At his presentation to the Rotary Club of St. Thomas Thursday, V.I. Port Authority Executive Director Darlin Brin answered pointed questions about the issue. Water Island residents seemed surprised to learn that an area for a small dock has been identified in the Leland Snead area of Frenchtown.
Brin said with cruise ships coming into Crown Bay, access to the docks there must be restricted, and it's up to Water Island residents to build their own dock in the designated area.
This is the first Water Islanders have heard of their designated dock area. Previously, they were told the planning package for Crown Bay Marina included dock space for them in Krum Bay.
"If they're going to give us land in Frenchtown, where to we park our vehicles?" asked John Coleman, 20-year Water Island resident. Crown Bay Marina is the closest access point available for getting to the "mainland" from Water Island, and there is plenty of parking available.
Water Island residents commute to St. Thomas for work and shopping, and there is an increasing need for dock space. "Our numbers are growing. We need a place to dock," Coleman said.
"We're going to start looking at this. I know it's an important issue for Water Islanders," said Chuck Gidley, president of the Water Island Civic Association. "Right now there's not even a slip available in Crown Bay. There's a waiting list."
There is a small place in Crown Bay shared by dinghies under 12 feet, but it's crowded. Joanne Bohr, past president of the Water Island Civic Association, said slip space, when available, is expensive, costing more than $300 a month for the smallest slip.


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