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United Way Donates $2,000 to Tsunami Relief Fund


Feb. 2, 2005 — At their monthly meeting held on January 20 2005, the United Way of St. Thomas-St. John board of directors approved a motion to donate $2,000.00 to the United Way South Asia Response Fund. The Fund was established to assist with long-term reconstruction and recovery efforts in impacted regions in South Asia and is administered by United Way International.
While United Way International, United Way of America, and United Way affiliates in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Kenya are working together to help meet the affected communities' immediate needs, each United Way is also mobilizing its supporters, resources and community partners to provide a collective long-term humanitarian aid response to the affected regions. Long-term needs that will be addressed include the rebuilding of public facilities; the restoration of fisheries, farms and other local industries; educational support for children left orphaned by the tsunami; and the provision of mental health assistance.
Juanita Young, President of the United Way board of directors said, "The magnitude of this tragedy and the years it will take for recovery are overwhelming but each of us, in our own small way, can help to restore hope and rebuild lives."
The $2,000 donation came from United Way's Disaster Relief Fund, originally established after Hurricane Hugo and funded primarily by local banks.
Individuals and corporations interested in donating funds can make an online contribution by visiting: www.unitedway.org/tsunamiresponse or mailing a check or money order to: United Way South Asia Response Fund, c/o United Way International, P. O. Box 9193, Uniondale, New York 11555-9193.
Inquiries and/or donations may also be made at the United Way of St. Thomas-St. John office located at Nisky Center, Suite 220 or call 774-3185.

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