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FYI: Sen. Davis Continues Tour at Marcelli Elementary School


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Feb. 3, 2005 — Senator Liston A. Davis, Chairman of the 26th Legislature's Committee on Education, Youth and Culture Thursday continued his fact-finding tours with a visit to the Evelyn Marcelli Elementary School.
Principal Blanche Oliver Bello greeted Senator Davis with a list detailing repairs that are needed at the school. Some of the repairs the principal cited included a leak in the boy's bathroom located at the annex in Frenchtown. Students are required to walk from the main location to attend classes in the Frenchtown area. Bello said she has spoken with Department of Education Personnel about putting a top floor on the main campus to prevent students from having to walk to the annex.
Principal Bello noted repairs to the main campus include the repair or replacement of the roof on the northernmost portion of the building that houses primary classes. "When there is heavy rains, water and mud flood the classrooms and run through the electrical outlets," Bello said. Additionally, the principal indicated there needs to have a roofing sealant applied to the roof of the administration building and the adjoining wing of the intermediate classes to stop the leaking. "Due to the water damage in the ceilings and walls," Bello said, "we need to re-plaster the ceilings in the intermediate classrooms."
Principal Bello told Senator Davis the urgent need is parking for the staff. She indicated there is space available in the rear of the school that can be used for the lot. The principal also pointed out that there are abandoned cars parked along the southern side of the school and once cars are removed that space could also be used for parking. "If those cars are inoperable, teachers could use that parking space."
After touring the school, Senator Davis expressed the need to consolidate all the "small schools" and start the discussion on the possibility of one main school in a central location. "The millions of dollars that the Department of Education spends trying to maintain these old schools every year does not make sense. It is time for us to move forward for our children's sake," Senator Davis concluded.


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