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An Appeal to the 25-45 Year Old Voter


Feb. 9, 2005 – Our government, our political parties, our communities, our supervisors, our unions, our "leaders," and in some cases our families have failed to pass the baton of opportunity on to the youth of the Virgin Islands. However, we have done an excellent job of passing on generations of debt to you, your children and your children's children, your grandchildren.
Since you and your heirs will be the beneficiaries of this intolerable debt, that your political ancestors have created, and since you will be responsible for repaying the debt, why not be involved in determining how this debt will be repaid?
The 25-45 year olds have everything to gain by getting involved in their community and government. You are the ones concerned about business opportunities, affordable land & housing. You are concerned about safety and a quality education for your children, affordable child care to list a few. You are the ones that must revolutionize the way we think and the way we do things in the Virgin Islands.
For the most part the 25-45yr. olds don't want to be considered corrupt or compromised. You and your parents have spent fortunes getting you educated so you could be hired based on your ability and experience.
Imagine an administration that requests your résumé without your name. Imagine being hired based on your abilities, experiences, what you know, not who you know? Imagine a government run with integrity and accountability?
This is all possible when you rise to the challenge to protect the future of your children and the future of the Virgin Islands.
I challenge you to rise up! Stand up! Get involved! Take the lead! Participate! Get prepared! Educate yourself, your associates and organizations about the role and responsibilities of the various offices, commissions and boards. Prepare yourself and others to fill these positions.
I challenge you to seek out people in your communities who continue to demonstrate uncompromised integrity, people who are willing to be of public service and represent the people by addressing the issues with creative and innovative solutions, people who are willing to reinstate a merit system, people who will support election reform through term limits and districting and people who suppo rt an administration that recruits the most qualified Virgin Islanders. It Is Your Turn Now! You're the ones we've been waiting for!

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