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We Can't Afford to Ignore Past Behaviors


Dear Source,
In response to a request by your reporter for comment on the Reverend Ralph David Abernathy III's apparently quite checkered past, the Director of The St. John Community Alliance's reported response was, "This is a man who had some problems but gave his heart to God."
Col. Eddy Charles' nomination for Adjutant-General of the National Guard is on the way to the full Senate with equally disturbing undertones and overtones, not necessarily related to religious beliefs but based on some vague tenet that, "what's done is done and we're not interested in that."
Well, in the case of Colonel Charles, I don't think we should not care about what's in the past. It's not in the decades-past span by any stretch of the imagination and the Senators should seriously take into account both Colonel Charles' checkered background, the disciplinary action already taken against him and the pending civil lawsuit against him before considering confirmation of his elevation to such a highly meritorious post. I doubt that this nomination needs to be confirmed immediately, so why not wait until all the issues have been finally settled in the courts?
And, in my opinion, Senator Usie Richards should abstain from voting until his pending sexual harassment lawsuit is settled and Senator Ronald Russell should maintain his voting abstinence until such time as he decides whether he is indeed a full-time Senator or a full-time lawyer, or both or not.
Government trappings, perks and kickbacks seem to eventually entrap even the most morally upright government employee's mores, not just in the United States Virgin Islands but everywhere in the world. Too bad and too sad.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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