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What Message are We Sending?


Feb. 10, 2005 — It seems we have a never-ending list of highly placed individuals who are under questioning for behaviors we would not hold up to our children as honorable. But not only do we ignore what we know or what is open to question, we move forward to place these people in ever-higher positions.
We are talking about the pending nomination of Col. Eddy Charles to head the V.I. National Guard, the pending action to bring Ralph Abernathy III to the Virgin Islands to talk about civil rights and God, and the non-action of the Legislature in regard to accusations against Sen. Usie Richards.
When we, as adults and supposed role models, ignore the violence, dishonesty and addictive behaviors attributed to, and in some cases proven against, these folks, we create a never-ending cycle of the same behavior.
Unfortunately, children do as they see, not as they are told.
What is the message to our children when we appoint an alleged sexual predator to head the National Guard?
What is the message when we allow a senator who has been accused of numerous instances of sexual harassment to continue in office unsanctioned?
What is the message when we invite a man who has been found guilty – and recently – of various white-collar crimes to come here to speak about anything?
The message: It's all OK.
If you don't think our children are hearing that message, you are wrong.
That message will be reinforced if our senators – who love to wax eloquent about how important our youth are – approve Col. Charles’ nomination in Friday's Senate session. For the sake of our children, Col. Charles needs to be cleared of all charges of wrongdoing before he is confirmed to that high post. And if he is not cleared, we must send the message to our children that there are consequences for certain behaviors.
If we do otherwise, we will pay a high price, for we will have encouraged several more generations of the same, or worse, behaviors.

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