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Keyes, Riggs Win Anything Goes II Cycling Race


Feb. 13, 2005 – Sunrise on Sunday saw 26 serious cyclists eagerly awaiting the resumption of the 2005 cycling season. Road racers with their speedy steeds of steel, titanium and carbon fiber were ready to do battle, as mountain bikers were set to brave rugged climbs and death defying, deity inducing descents on Scenic Road.
The race was Anything Goes #2, an event unique to St. Croix. Starting at the Fort in Frederiksted, riders were free to choose both their route to the finish at Rust op Twist, and the type of equipment they rode. Strategy and navigation are as important as fitness. Any little edge is jealously guarded, leading friends to lie to friends and teammates treating each other as foes. Just like life, really.
At least four possible course choices were available, including Scenic Road West, Creque Dam Road, Mahogany Road and Centerline Road. Each route offers both positive and negative aspects. Some are shorter but hilly, and some sacrifice altitude for distance. Since riders diverge at various points, the position of one’s opponents are never known, adding a mental pressure not present in other events.
The road division was won by Jamie Keyes, of the Endurance Sports Team, who returned from a three month break, and exhibited his usual strengths. Keyes opted for Centerline road and bested his competition by over two minutes. Kahlil Jacobs-El took second, leading Raymond Brown of the Cruzan Sprockets Team.
John Riggs easily won the Mountain Bike group, using his course knowledge of Scenic Road West to great advantage. Gabe Weber of the Cruzan Sprockets out sprinted teammate Tom Guthrie for second.
The next race is an East End Counter Clockwise Road Race, on February 27 at Solitude Store, starting at 7:00 AM.
February 13, 2005 Anything Goes #2 very windy, cool
Fort Frederik to Clover Crest to Rust Op Twist

Road Bike Category
1. Jamie Keys 1:00:21
2. Khalil Jacobs-El 1:02:20
3. Raymond Brown 1:02:43
4. Wayne Patrick 1:03:42
5. Glenn Massiah 1:04:18
6. Kamal Russell 1:06:11
7. John Harper 1:06:14
8. Danney Fontenelle 1:07:41
9. José Díaz 1:07:49
10. Tyler Jowaisas 1:14:39
11. Scott Fricks 1:15:28
12. Brian O'Reilly 1:20:27
13. James Meyers 1:22:05
14. Tesha Distad* 1:25:28
15. Thomas Blake 1:25:43
16. Bruce Daugherty+ 1:28:52
17. Marius Louis 1:30:53
18. Shawn Lewis 1:56:15
19. Mike Hill DNF
Mountain Bike Category
1. John Riggs 1:03:55
2. Gabe Webber 1:06:33
3. Tom Guthrie 1:06:34
4. Mike Klein 1:20:47
5. Paul Gillette+ 1:40:36
6. Leslie Farrelly 2:15:16
7. Lydon Hylton DNF
+ over fifty cyclist

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