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Governor's Veto Goes Against the People of the V.I.


Gov Turnbull- While it "pains" me that you once again have gone against
the wishes of the majority of your constituents and vetoed the animal rights bill, I am sadly not surprised that you are again catering to the wishes of a determined few instead of hearing the loud groundswell building outside your door. Interestingly enough, one of the most outspoken critics and lobbies against animal cruelty laws is none other than the United Gamefowl Breeders Association and their ilk who consider any legislation regarding animal welfare regulation to be against their rights. They hold with pride the fact that Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands hold cockfighting legal. In fact, one of their most outspoken and widely written proponents moved from St.Thomas a few years ago! I'm sure it is all just an unsettling coincidence….
Senators, please override this ridiculous stalling tactic-I mean- veto. Animal abuse affects everyone here, your kids, their kids, my kids… If that doesn't do the trick then think of that those valued tourists report when they see a starving or neglected horse on the side of the road, or stray after stray wandering around. They report back to their friends and family about the third world status of the US Virgin Islands. And they should have a say in what they expect from such an expensive destination that resides under the AMERICAN flag since it is the US taxpayer who carries so much of the financial load here. They do not want to see road-kill Thoroughbreds or dogs starving on the side of
the road nor do they wish to support a society that allows it. We are being observed and judged by our actions or rather lack of it. ESPN has already done one article documenting the status of the racehorses on these islands and numerous individuals provide first hand accounts back to the mainland. I assure you nothing here is done in hiding.
We would like each of you to pass the laws necessary to protect the horses and other animals, both domestic and wild in these islands. We want to bring these issues out of the tropical shadows and place them in the limelight of public opinion. We want to ensure the welfare of the race horse stock that is imported here as well as those of the island stock and other animals domestic and wild that abound on these fair islands is given a fair chance.
Thank you,
Raina Dodson-Eimer
Kingshill, St. Croix
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