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Writer Urges Full-scale Change in Government


Dear Source,
I was born on St. Thomas USVI, past resident of St. John USVI; which I still consider my home but I cannot afford to live there.
Many middle-age islanders would love an opportunity (including me) to come back home, but jobs are scarce and the pay inadequate. Crime rates are skyrocketing, and HIV infections are growing at an alarming rate among our citizens. The poor cannot afford adequate medical coverage; our brothers and sisters are dying like flies, but our wasteful government feels that raising taxes is the solution to these problems? Additional taxes, driven by greed and individuals with deep pockets; taxes which will not benefit the institutions or the citizens that really need it.
I feel that the entire government of the USVI needs an overhaul. For years our government has refused to address the problems that plaque our islands and the concerns of the citizens. Unless we put our feet down and demand change, our paradise is heading for a major disaster.
Monies are being spent for inside jobs by family members and friends of government officials. Too many retired individuals collecting retirement and are still working within the government. Individuals collecting two paychecks while unemployment rates are rising.
Who is accountable for the mismanagement of funds within the government? Everyone is pointing the finger and passing blame; when all of them are accountable.
Our Government needs to be rectified!
Tina Matthew
Alexandria, VA 22305

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