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Disappointed in Source Editorial


How disappointing! One has always read The Source for well-researched, factual information. But the editorial of March 23, 2005, "The League Has A Problem," does not meet this criteria.
The League of Women Voters of the Virgin Islands, a non-partisan organization, has as its officers, board and general members, voters of our community from diverse backgrounds, political, professional, religious, etc. Many of our officers, board and general members have, and do, work in and for the Virgin Islands Government on many levels and in different capacities.
What League volunteers do or say as private individuals has not in the past, nor shall in the future, determine the public policy of the League. No one member, whatever her League office, ever represent League position. Such positions are reached either by consensus of the general membership or a majority vote of the Board.
Unfortunately your editorial confuses supposition with fact. The League fund drive of a year ago was organized and carried out with the consent of the Board by a Chair and her Committee who compiled a list of prospective donors from several printed, public sources. Contributions were solicited through a letter signed by that Committee Chair, not the League President.
The problem is not with the League. The problem is with the editorial content in which 'facts' are not consistent with reality.
Norma S. Levin
League of Women Voters
St. Thomas


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