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'New Works' by William L. Stoehr at Gallery St. Thomas


April 5, 2005 – Gallery St. Thomas on Government Hill features "New Works", by William L. Stoehr. The show, a second showing Stoehr's work at Gallery St. Thomas, opens Friday evening April 8, 2004 with a meet-the-artist reception from 5 to 8:30 p.m.
"Your first sensation will be a rush of color – bright colors," explains Stoehr when describing his exhibit. "I use color boldly – unexpected colors in unexpected places," he continues. Beyond the rush of color, the viewer will find complex shapes defined by simple brush strokes creating a thoughtful, but spontaneous rhythm and harmony within each painting. The exhibit includes figurative paintings and non-objective abstract paintings. Also on display is a collaboration with his wife Mary Kay, a sculptured torso with a one-of-a-kind textile.
Stoehr began painting upon his retirement in 2003 as president of National Geographic Society's worldwide mapping operations. While primarily self-taught, Stoehr has been influenced by the works of Matisse, Degas, Kahn, and De Kooning.
"I pored over the art collections in great museums and galleries around the world. Finally, I could no longer simply be a spectator – I had to paint."
Stoehr has been anything but a spectator, painting his way into exhibits in St. Thomas, Denver, New York and Miami since beginning his career as an artist a short 18 months ago. "Stoehr's work stands apart from many emerging artists in his ability to cast aside any trepidation about painting from life and using strong colors. His enthusiasm, confidence and talent are all equally apparent in 'New Works' creating a very exciting exhibit," states gallery owner, Claire Ochoa.
The exhibit will remain on view through April 17 and is open to the public. Preview the work on display at the Gallery St. Thomas Web site. Or you can call the gallery at 340.777.6363.


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