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Portable Bathrooms to Be Set Up for Carnival


April 26, 2005 – Portable bathrooms will be available for the public for carnival events, according to George Phillips, acting commissioner of the Public Works Department. On Food Fair day, Wednesday, bathroom facilities will be placed at Pladsen Gade at the corner of Emancipation Garden.
For the Children’s Parade on Friday the bathroom facilities will be located where the parade assembles on Strand Gade—the street near Old Lucy’s Market.
For the Adults’ Parade on Saturday the facilities will be placed between Western Cemeteries No. 1 and No. 11 where the parade assembles.
Additional bathroom facilities for the two parades will be located on Strand Gade, also known as Old Lucy’s Market Street; Store Tver Gade on the street where the Green House Restaurant is located; Nye Gade, also called Old Center Theater Street; Post Office Alley near the bridge by Cardow Jewelers; and Kongens Gade, which is also known as Education Street.
Phillips said that the portable units will be staffed, maintained, and supplied with the usual sanitary requirements. He asks for the public’s cooperation in helping to keep the units clean to guarantee a safe and healthy carnival.


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