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Weekly 9-Hole Golf Tournament Set at The Buccaneer


May 12, 2005 – The Buccaneer Golf Course's Weekend Warmup Golf Tournament, the Thursday Quota, resumes play on May 12 for the summer. The nine-hole weekly tournament will be played every Thursday, with a shotgun start at 5 p.m., until fading light forces an end to the season Sept. 15.
Each player is given a quota that must be reached before points can be accumulated. Taking the player's nine-hole USGA handicap and subtracting it from 18 determine the quota. The resulting number is the player's quota. Players accumulate points based on their gross score on each hole. Bogeys are worth one point, pars are valued at two points, birdies three points, etc. Players must first apply their points to their quota. On meeting their quota, any additional points won during the round give them positive points.
The winner is whoever has the most positive points or, if no players meet their quotas, whoever comes closest to doing so.
Golfers playing in the Quota tournament will earn points toward the Buccaneer's Order of Merit list.
Players may register to play on Wednesday, the day before the event, and must be registered by 3 p.m. the day of play. Cost of participation is nine-hole greens and cart fees, as well as a $5 entry fee. To register, call the Buccaneer Golf Shop at 712-2144.


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