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Alison Davis

Alison was born and raised in Rhodesia, Southern Africa. She traveled to Europe where she spent some time living in London, then on to Greece for 10 years, with her husband. They built and operated a small restaurant on the tiny island of Trizonia, catering to passing yachtsmen. The winter months were very quiet so she collected things washed up on the beach and made various crafts to sell to people in the summer. From there they moved to the South of France where they met an English potter living in the mountains above Nice.
It wasn’t until they moved back to the UK that Alison realized what an impact that had on her imagination. To be able to live the fantasy life of a starving artist – how wonderful!!
After becoming widowed she was able to work her way to St. Thomas as a chef on a charter yacht to start a new life. After studying pottery here on St. Thomas she was finally able to realize her dream of becoming a full time artist. She is now remarried and has a studio and gallery at Tillett Gardens. A bird feeder hangs outside the window and many pleasant moments are spent watching the bananaquits.
Her work reflects her experiences of being raised in Africa and her years spent in the Mediterranean. She enjoys using bright colors for her functional ware and birdfeeders, but loves Raku firing for the larger sculptural pieces and the more earthy tones for plaques and wall sconces.
Alison belongs to a group of artists called The Traveling Road Show who put on art and craft shows at various Hotels in the evening. She has shown her work at Gallery St. Thomas, located in downtown Charlotte Amalie, and at the DADA Wine Down in October 2004, and February 2005.

At Work in the Studio

Salting the wood fired kiln at Maho

Alison’s Wonderland Gallery at Tillett Gardens

Alison's work is also available on St. Thomas at "INTO THE SEA' in the Royal Dane Mall, and Dolphin Dreams in Red Hook; Blue Banana, on Virgin Gorda, and Skyworld on Tortola.
Commissioned work available upon request.
Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Allison can be reached at 340-998-2470, or email her at [email protected].


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