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Coral Bay Council to Hear from Vitelco and Park


June 12, 2005 – David Sharp, president and chief executive officer of Vitelco, also known as Innovative Telephone, will be the guest speaker at the Monday, June 13 monthly forum of the Coral Bay Community Council. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. sharp at the John’s Folly Learning Institute.
Sharp is expected to talk about the service expansion construction currently going on in Coral Bay, when applications for new service will become routine, and how to permanently resolve billing or service problems, according to Sharon Coldren, council president.
He will also answer audience questions and listen to concerns about Innovative’s various services, Coldren said in a release.
Laurel Brannick, National Park ranger, will speak briefly about the Reef.org Great Annual Fish Count on July 16.
Friends of the Park has purchased fish identification kits for people who would like to snorkel their favorite areas and identify and count fish on that day or any other day. She will explain how to participate and will have kits for people.
The public is invited to attend. Questions should be directed to the council office at 776-2099 or e-mail [email protected].


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