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Quandt Brings in Largest Kingfish in Annual Bastille Day Tourney


July 10, 2005 — Adam Quandt likes a challenge. And, he got one Sunday in the form of a fiercely fighting kingfish during the Annual Bastille Day Kingfish Tournament, hosted by the Northside Sportfishing Club at Hull Bay Hideaway.
"We left Brewer's Bay just after 5 a.m. this morning, so that we could be fishing off the northside of the island for line's in at 5:30 a.m.," Quandt, who fished aboard the 38-foot Bright Star, with Captain Robert Vante, and fellow anglers Richard Czarnota, Jay Cassady, Jon Cassady, John Feola, and Larry Olive, said Sunday.
It was between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. when the king-sized kingfish took Quandt's bait. "The line just peeled off. It was screaming. The fish just took off," Quandt said, according to a release from the Northside Sportfishing Club.
The arduous, five-minute fight ended with a series of happy hi-fives among the anglers. "We knew it was a contender," Quandt said.
Quandt's 27.41-pound kingfish elicited envious looks from fellow anglers as it was weighed. "I've fished this tournament for five years and never won before," said Quandt, who is a science teacher at Antilles School.
For his efforts, Quandt won a $2000 cash prize sponsored by N.E.M. (West Indies) Insurance Limited, managed in the USVI by Red Hook Agencies, Inc.
The Second Largest Kingfish prize went to angler, Cliff Bryan, with a 24.91-pound catch aboard Double Header. Bryan received $750 cash sponsored by FedEx.
Svta Lohr, with a catch of a 21.02-pound kingfish, pocketed $500 cash sponsored by Coors Light, distributed by Bellows International Ltd.
Lohr fished aboard the boat, Life Line.
With a total of 26 fish caught, St. Thomas Capt. Ryan Mertens aboard Karen Lee, won the Best Boat award. He won $1000 cash from Offshore Marine.
The catch of 22 kingfish also earned Mertens, the Best Captain award and another $1000 cash award from Offshore Marine, while a catch of 14 fish weighing collectively 78.79 pounds landed Mertens the Best Junior Male Angler award and another $250 cash prize from Offshore Marine.
Ursula Bryan, aboard Urshe, earned Best Female Angler and $500 cash from Offshore Marine with a catch of 6 fish totaling 67.12 pounds, while Best Male Angler went to Raymond Petersen on Turning Green with 9 fish collectively weighing 84.98 pounds. Petersen also won $500 from Offshore Marine.
The Best Junior Female award and $250 cash from Offshore Marine went to Shannelle Brin with 5 fish weighing 32.70 pounds caught from Suga Lips.
Although the tournament is focused around kingfish, other species earn anglers prizes too. David Greaux caught the largest jack, a 17.45-pounder, from aboard Yum-Z. George Ravella reeled in the largest barracuda, a 21.63-pounder from aboard Tunnel Vision. The largest bonito was caught aboard Double Header by junior angler, Ryan Berry, and was a 5.77-pounder. Parker Hall, fishing from Mainiac, caught the largest tuna, a 20.92-pounder. Murry Earle reeled in the largest mackerel, a 9.86-pounder, from Tunnel Vision. Finally, junior angler, Nicolas Capozzoli, caught the largest dolphin, a 2.92-pounder from aboard Slicksted.
Judges Herman Richardson and Kevin LaPlace Sr., officially weighed in the catches.
After weigh-in, the fun continued onshore at Hull Bay Hideaway with special games – like a can pitching and can-stacking contest – all sponsored by Coors Light, distributed by Bellows International Ltd., the release said.
More food and fun were all part of special Fun Day afternoon activities at Hull Bay Hideaway sponsored by the Northside Civic organization.
The Cool Sessions band entertained throughout the afternoon.
Later, the crowds gathered inside Hull Bay Hideaway for the awards ceremonies at 8 p.m., where Sea Breeze entertained.
All prizewinners except junior anglers were eligible for a grand prize drawing of a Caribbean cruise for two compliments of Royal Caribbean International.
All 40 registered junior anglers were eligible for a special "Catch In The Hat" award. In this award, sponsored by Hull Bay Hideaway, the first eight names drawn from a hat received $50 cash and the ninth name called won $100 dollars.
Each year, the Northside Sportfishing Club makes donations to community organizations and individuals. This year's beneficiaries are the Joseph Sibilly Elementary School, St. Thomas Rescue, the American Red Cross, and the Family Resource Center.

75 Boats
312 Anglers (includes 40 Jr. Anglers)
226 Fish, Total Weight 1819 lbs
78 Kingfish, Total Weight 703.27 lbs

Largest Kingfish Adam Quandt 27.41 Bright Star
2nd Largest Kingfish Cliff Bryan 24.91 Double Header
3rd Largest Kingfish Svta Lohr 21.02 Life Line
Best Boat Karen Lee 26 fish Karen Lee
Best Captain Ryan Mertens 22 kingfish Karen Lee
(126.68 lbs.)
Best Female Ursula Bryan 67.12 Urshe
Best Male Raymond Petersen 84.98 Turning Green
Best Junior Male Ryan Mertens 78.79 Karen Lee
Best Junior Female Shannelle Brin 32.70 Suga Lips
Largest Jack David Greaux 17.45 Yum-Z
Largest Barracuda George Ravella 21.63 Double Vision
Largest Bonito Ryan Berry 5.77 Double Header
Largest Tuna Parker Hall 20.92 Mainiac
Largest Mackerel Murry Earle 9.86 Tunnel Vision
Largest Dolphin Nicolas Capozzoli 2.92 Slicksted


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