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CAHS Parents No Longer Required to Attend Orientations


Aug. 27, 2005 – The parents of Charlotte Amalie High School students do not have to attend the orientation sessions at the beginning of this school year, according to a press release from the office of the principal.
Principal Jeanette Smith Barry said, "Students, however, must report as scheduled for a short orientation, after which they will complete the process to receive their class schedules. All other guidelines remain in effect. To keep parents informed, students will be given documents to take home, some of which will require parent signatures. Students are reminded that their attendance at orientation is mandatory. Future parent meetings will be scheduled."
The revised reporting schedule is as follows:
Monday, Aug. 29………………8 a.m. – 12th graders
Tuesday, Aug. 30……………..8 a.m. – 9th graders, A-L
12 p.m. – 9th graders, M-Z
Wednesday, Aug 31…………. 8 a.m. – 10th graders
1 p.m.—SPIS and MIS IV special education students
Thursday, Sept. 1………………8 a.m. – 11th graders
Friday, Sept. 2………………….Classes Begin for
All Students Who Have Schedules in Hand

Important Notices:
1. To be admitted on orientation day, students must wear the full school uniform. Attendance is Mandatory.
2. To receive a schedule, students must attend orientation, pay fees, clear outstanding obligations and present a photocopy of their updated immunization record.
3. Fees include $10 for the ID (if no valid ID is presented); $1 general student fee; and $5 for team materials for new 9th graders only. Returning students who have outstanding obligations must clear them before receiving a schedule.
4. Students who miss orientation will not be able to start classes on time. No orientation session will be held during the first week of classes. Students must pick up their schedules on orientation days to be able to attend classes beginning Sept. 2.


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