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Revenge is Not Justice


Seeking revenge and retribution is not justice.
The alleged kidnaping and rape of a St. Johnian woman should not be tolerated. But there is a greater concern in that there are hysterical cries for retribution. Suggesting that an uprising like the murders that occurred at Fountain Valley St. Croix in 1972 is what is needed to solve divisions between races is morally reprehensible, and just as racially motivated as the alleged attack was.
This is a time for justice not revenge. This is a time for all citizens of these islands to reach out in love and respect to each other and vow to track down and bring the perpetrators to a court of law. Not a court of mob rule.
Anyone who advocates mob violence or an uprising against any person of color because of their color should be publically rebuked by politicians, civic leaders and all of us.
By the way, advocating murder is also illegal. It's called criminal threatening.
Dan Bostdorf
St. John

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