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Island Belongs to Black People


Why is it that it is mostly black St. Johnians who turned out for the town's meeting regarding the hate crimes that has been going on in St. John?
White people like to turn their heads away when something bad is happening to the black community. always.
The whites always like to separate from the blacks because it gives them a sense of control and power and superiority.
They come here try to take over and doesn't embrace the island cultures. This may be American territories but it's not America.
It is a island belonging to black people and the nerves of whites thinking they can come here and start racists crimes? They have no idea as to whom they're messing with. Black virgin islanders will not tolerate that kind of behavior. If you are a racist don't come here. we will put up a fight and you racist pigs will loose.
As for the law enforcers, quit getting fat on your asses and do your damn job!!!!
Shelia Watt Hill
Largo, Fl.


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