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Lack of Answers from Authorities Threaten St. John's Peace


Dear Source,
We, on St. John, need to have the FBI reports on the supposed hate crimes from the graffiti left on the Fretts' home on the East End, given to the public.
These records are, apparently, in the hands of the Justice Department, as, dictated by law. Where are the DNA and rape kit tests to determine who did this horrific thing to Esther Frett? What is so upsetting us on St. John is that there is no information, provided by the Police or any of the powers that be.
No resolution – just rumors and speculations that have the potential of ripping this sweet, wonderful, peaceful island apart.
Supposedly, there is information, provided to our police via the video tapes from the attempted arson at Skinny Legs and the arson that occurred at Meada's from Police Department street cameras. This community needs some truth, some answers, some information, instead of rumors, to heal itself .
Cidney Hamling
St. John

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