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Looking Past the Color of One's Skin


Dear Source,
The criminal acts over the last week have opened my eyes to what could possibly be the destruction of life as we know it on St. John. Whether or not the disgusting, horrific assault of the East End woman was motivated by racism, it was surely fueled by hate. This is not White vs. Black. This is Right vs. Wrong. This community has to look past color of skin to identify the real problem here: there are monsters among us. Maybe the monsters that assaulted the East End woman have one color skin; maybe the monsters that burned local businesses and a car have another color skin. They have one thing in common: they are criminals set out to divide our community, and they will be brought to justice. The rest of us will stand united to support the victims and their families, and to demand action from the authorities.
VI Police, FBI, help us to protect ourselves – give us the FACTS! Who has committed such atrocities? Why aren't they in jail? Do you need information from the community that will help you apprehend them? Without the facts, people will be forced to live in fear of what they do not know. Given few facts but many rumours, this community is dividing, but instead of Right vs.Wrong, the division is being created along color of skin! Those of us who care about the people and the future of St John refuse to accept racial division as a consequence for the crimes of a few.
Margaret Majette
St John

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