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Response to 'Racism in the Virgin Islands'


In response to Mr. Yates opinion in "Racism in the
Virgin Islands"
, I just want to say that it is
unfortunate. Mr. Yates, I am a Crucian, a proud Virgin
Islander who now lives in South Carolina. When I
lived in St. Croix I loved all people and still do.
Although I have never personally experienced racism in
St. Croix, my sister did when she went looking for a
job and asked a white employer to sign her
unemployment sheet after she said there was no
available work. The response she received was, "No.
You blacks need to stop being lazy." My sister came
home crying. Not only was she hurt, but our entire
family was hurt. Most of us have since relocated out
of St. Croix in order to provide for our families. My
point is that not all Virgin Island blacks feel that
whites do not belong. I love people of all colors,
races and backgrounds. I was not raised with racism,
and I have raised my children the same way. Despite
my sister's negative experience, she did not allow the
one person's comment to change her perspective on an
entire race. I beg you this. The behavior of that
man that gave you the ride is just the behavior of that
one man. There are still good Virgin Islanders out
there. Please do not allow that one person to distort
your view of us because we are still loving, caring
Juliette Niles
Rock Hill, S.C.

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