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FYI: Sen. Barshinger Expresses Condolences on Death of Dame Charles


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Sept. 8, 2005 – Sen. Craig Barshinger expressed condolences to the family and friends of Dame Eugenia Charles, former prime minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, who died Tuesday at a hospital in Martinique. Barshinger also expresses condolences to the citizens of Dominica and Dominicans living in this territory as they mourn the death of their former leader known as the "Iron Lady of the Caribbean."
Charles, 86, led the country for 15 years as prime minister from 1980 to 1995 and helped bring about economic growth for Dominica. Her ability to stand firm in her beliefs in the face of opposition serves as an example for future women leaders.
"The loss of any Caribbean leader affects us all, especially one such as Prime Minister Charles who led Dominica with such dedication during its early years after gaining independence," Barshinger said.
The at-large senator added, "The U.S. Virgin Islands and Dominica share strong cultural ties. We join in solidarity with our Caribbean neighbor as it reflects on the life and contributions of a great leader."


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