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St. Croix Power Down, Should Be Up By 8 p.m.


Sept. 12, 2005 – "Unit No. 20 tripped and took down the entire power plant," said Cassandra Dunn, Water and Power Authority spokesperson, between answering other phone calls about the power outage that took down all the power on St. Croix for a good part of the afternoon Monday.
Dunn said "We're now bringing up Unit No. 16 and can bring up some of the feeders."
Dunn said as more units come on, the authority will be able to bring more feeders up.
Dunn called back a few minutes later to provide an update: "Feeder Nos. six, five, one and four have been energized," she said, adding more would be added as the units were brought up.
At 5:30 p.m. Dunn estimated, "It will be a few hours before we can be restored fully."
It was a bad day for WAPA as it turned out. Power outages rolled across St. Thomas for much of the afternoon.

For a list of WAPA feeders on St. Croix click here. For more information customers can call the WAPA emergency line at 713-9272.


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