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Wrong-Headed Development Causes Racism


To the Editor:
When my wife and I arrived on St. John over 8 years ago, we found what seemed to be a healthy and civil dialogue between races. That seems to have changed a bit hasn't it? Now we make CNN headline news not for our rich and diverse culture, but for our racism.
It is said that unchecked and uncontrolled growth, land seized/purchased through questionable tax foreclosures (which needs to be investigated), and insane land prices fueled by stateside land speculators, and local land owners selling out to developers, have caused these tensions. And I agree.
If so–where were the governors, senators, Mr. Harley, Coastal Zone Management and other civic leaders" who could have controlled growth, stopped the degradation of St. John's infra- structure and its natural resources, and, ultimately, the St. John's spirit that have lead to these tensions?
We need to place a moratorium on any new land development and place on hold any existing development that has not gone past staging for laying a foundation. We need a managed growth plan now–not next year.
Dan Bostdorf
St. John

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