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Universalist Unitarian Fellowship Service Season Topics


Sept. 14, 2005 – Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. John opens its 2005-2006 Service Season on Sunday, Sept. 18, with the return of Dr. David Weisher for the continuation of his talk on his book, "Mysteries of Consciousness, In Defense of the Mysteries." At the close of our service season last May, the writer presented his argument for a spiritual life after death drawn from his personal experiences as a neurologist working with patients who have had near-death experiences. He will continue his presentation of how an understanding of the near-death experience, both scientifically and intellectually, will revolutionize our spiritual awareness.

The UUF of St. John meets Sundays in the St. John School Community Room on Gifft Hill Road. The service begins at 9:45 a.m. The aims and purposes of these meetings are to provide a fellowship for persons desiring freedom of religious thought, to strengthen one another in searching for truth, to promote individual freedoms, to further democratic processes, and to strive for a world fellowship for peace, according to a press release from the Universalist Fellowship. All are welcome.


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