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Jump Up Planned for Katrina Aid


Sept. 17, 2005 – With many Hurricane Katrina victims still in distress, a group of St. Croix business people joined forces to plan a mini-jump up Saturday to raise money for them. It's called "Help, They Need Your Money."
The event starts at 5 p.m. on the Christiansted Boardwalk in the vicinity of Rum Runners restaurant.
"Our goal is $50,000," Tradewinds gift shop owner and committee member Terri Gizzi said.
She said the streets from Queen Cross Street down to the Boardwalk will be closed for the event.
The event features food and t-shirts for sale, music and more. Additionally, people can buy a book of about two dozen coupons for $25. The coupons offer two-for-one dinners, $25 off purchases and other similar offers.
Gizzi said the event will raise money for people in need and give residents a chance to give back because they themselves were helped by statesiders in the aftermath of hurricanes that hit the Virgin Islands. The event also just gives people and opportunity to get out and have some fun.
"People can dance, party, have a good time and support an incredibly important cause," she said.
The money raised will be funneled to Hurricane Katrina victims through Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army because they use a low percentage of the money for administrative expenses.
"We want the money to go to the victims," she said.
It's not too late for local businesses to get involved. If you can help with this event, call Gizzi at 719-3918 or 998-6251.
If you can't attend but still want to help, make checks payable to Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army or the St. Croix Foundation. Send all checks to the St. Croix Foundation at P.O. Box 1128, Christiansted, St. Croix, 00821.


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