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Racial Uprising?


Dear Source,

What exactly does that mean? Mr. Roker contends that somehow taxes are responsible for public unrest. Are taxes racial? Does one group get more favorable treatment than another? No one on St. John sold their property to pay taxes. They sold because they saw it as a windfall and an ability to profit from their assets. Well, once those assets are sold, you no longer have them. If you do not reinvest in other assets but use the proceeds for life-style or luxuries, you will end up with nothing.
So now we have a generation of people who sold to soon, and are ruing their sales. Who should they direct their anger and frustrations towards? Perhaps, the government education system did not prepare them for the new world. A valid point, but not racial. If you are angry and believe it's a racial issue, perhaps it's the group in power that is causing your discomfort. But racial? Perhaps politicians passed laws making it unfavorable for the small property owner. Again a valid point, but racial? Who elected these politicians? Shall we examine the demographics of the legislature? Is this a group that is racially motivated?
Life is all about achievement. If one makes money, one can pay for any government mandated fees or tax. If one cannot, then one is not entitled to having those things which cost more than one can afford.
So stop crying and blaming someone else. Take responsibility for your life, and if you believe someone is taking advantage of you, ask them for advice and help. You might be surprised at the outcome.
Ivan P. Minarik
St. Croix

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