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A Past Student's Concern about Woodson Jr. H.S.


Dear Source,
As a fellow graduate of John H. Woodson in 1989, I remember the days when going there was the highlight of my day. The teachers were great and the overall state of education was actually pretty good. As time went on and my last years as a junior high student came to a close, the school had slowly descended to deplorable conditions. Mr. Molyneux's agriculture class coupled with Miss deLaripas art classes made the days feel worthwhile. Reading about conditions now only re-emphasize what I said in my video year book recorded way back in 89: "If the government continued to ignore the needs of both the students and teachers, the school was gonna become a cesspool that will be a hindrance to the island." I hope they can get their heads out of their A%^s and do right by the students and the overall well being of the community.
Luis Panch Perez
Los Angeles, Calif.

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