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Reader Questions Motive of Negative Headline


Dear Source:
I am wondering why the article dated Tuesday, Sept. 27, by your Lynda Lohr had such a negative headline? It said, "Some Say Crucian March on St. John May Fan Flames." First of all, the demonstration scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1, will not be a "Crucian March." You will come to realize that soon enough. The organizers of the protest demonstration have been bending over backwards to make their plans as transparent as possible. All their meetings have been open to the public and the media. All persons of all races and persuasions have been invited to participate.
Participants are being told, on the radio, that they must NOT bring anything illegal or dangerous to the demonstration. They are also being told that searches will be made before boarding the boat on St. Croix. I understand that searches will also be made at the Cruz Bay dock, so the St. Thomas participants can also expect to be searched. What more can one ask for?
It is a well know trick which certain media organizations use, referred to as "The Headline Technique," to twist stories so that the unsuspecting reader or listener can be mislead. This tactic is to put that media's goals and objectives forward and not necessarily those of the community it purports to serve I suspect that that headline was such an effort. Why has the media ignored the efforts of the organizers of the protest to make sure that the demonstration will be safe and open to all? Why try to discourage people from participating and from exercising their constitutional rights?
The protest demonstration scheduled for Saturday will not only focus on a heinous hate crime that was committed against a black woman, but it will also focus on what is viewed by many as a government cover up of the crime, with the help of certain local media organizations. As a matter of fact, I believe that had the government acted appropriately, and certain media organizations not remained so silent, there probably would not be a protest demonstration this coming Saturday! So, the media has a demonstration to report on. Do the right thing. Report honestly and with objectivity. But most of all, QUIT FANNING THE FLAMES!
John Evan Gumbs
Estate Tutu, St. Thomas

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