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An Old Friend of Nick Friday's Reminisces


Dear Source,
No one called me to tell me the news. I was on my way home on Tuesday night from work and decided to tune in to one of the local Caribbean stations to see what they were saying in regards to the upcoming Carnival here in the Miami-Ft.Lauderdale area. The very first words I heard as I landed on the station were "Nick Friday." In the short space between the next few words, my mind was already geared to hearing a station interview with Nick considering Carnival fever was in the air. What I heard next scorched my mind…"Nick Friday has passed away."
You see, this hurts and hurts real bad. I grew up with Nick and I mean grew up with him, practically "next door" as his house was just down the street from me. We played basketball, football and baseball together. We went to school and shared classes together. We clowned around in classes together (Mr. Gordon was glad to get rid of us), argued, debated, laughed and terrorized our younger neighborhood friends in jest. Still you knew there was something special about Nick. His personality was magnetizing. All of us admired him and many of us wanted to be found in his company just to say we were friends with one of the coolest guys in the "hood." I still never got a chance to dunk on his head though and he was never able to accomplish his goal of "combing" me on the court, but he sure made me look stupid on some marvelous plays.
I was expecting to see him this weekend just like I did last year October when a group of us, including Nick, from the old neighborhood (Bovoni-Thomasville) stood against a fence in a Miami park reminiscing about the good old days, laughing at nicknames we gave one another. Nick looked worn out even then, but I thought it was just from the traveling back and forth from Ohio to distant places to perform. The man was passionate, driven and ambitious. Many of you only knew him after the fact. I am fortunate to have known him before he became who he became. That's the Nick I remember and will forever remember. My condolences to Jerry and the rest of the family. Still can't believe he is gone in the flesh, but I'll keep him in my heart.
Sing on Nick,
Dexter "Gold" Tyson
North Lauderdale, Fla.

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