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Remembering a Gentle Soul and a Friend


Dear Source,
I met Friday in school. At that time, it was called Nazareth Bay High School (now Ivanna Eudora Kean High). We became fast friends and remained friends over the years. Every time I returned home I looked forward to spending some time with him and Jackie.
He was such a gentle soul with such a big heart. Many people know the Friday persona that was clearly seen in public. But those of us who knew him personally know that he was one of the most caring persons you could ever meet, and if you were his true friend, you were a friend for life. My Mom would always comment to me how he would ask about me every time the path crossed. And it would always bring a smile to my face when I remembered the fun times we had in school. Especially those talent shows we had where Nick showed his prowess when it came to performing for the audience.
He is the best all-a-rounder I know. If I had to choose from all the nicknames ever attributed to him, the one I feel best describes him is 'The Franchise'. He was the best at all the things he did. And as much as he is imitated, he will never be duplicated.
Nick, I cried when I found out you died, for many reasons. The first reason being that you were my friend, who was sometimes much closer than a brother. If I could choose who my brothers were, you would definitely be one. The second reason was because in August you crossed my mind and I told myself that I would go to New York to see you in the Labor Day Parade, but I changed my mind. I will forever regret that decision. Nick, I truly, truly miss and love you. Rest in Peace, my sweet, sweet Nick. Love Always,
Lydia L. Thomas-Richardson
Piscataway, N.J.

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