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An Invitation for Mr. Leigh Miller


Dear Source,
Regarding the concerns expressed by Mr. Leigh Miller regarding the absence of the "We the People for Justice" organization, allow me to offer him some edification. "We the People for Justice", consist of various not for profit organizations as well as several known community activists whom over the years together or independently have spoken out and rallied against all forms of injustices against humanity, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin. In the past we have spoken out and protested against crime, lack of an adequate education system for our children and undeserved salary increases to name a few. The trip to St. John happens to be the latest attempt to keep our beautiful islands free of heinous crimes while demanding answers from the notorious VIPD and the FBI. We the People encourages everyone to join us in demanding that closure is brought to the matter involving the Frett family or initiating a movement against other issues in our community they may be particularly interested in. Our calendar of events which begins with a march on October 1st 2005, include many forums where individuals like Mr. Miller can become actively involved in making a difference in the Virgin Islands community. The struggle for equality, justice and peace, did not begin, and will not on St. John. To this end, we extend an invitation to one and all, to join with us in stamping out the racist element in the Virgin Islands. We welcome all.
Gonzalo Rivera
St. Croix

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