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Protestors Have No Interest in Justice


Dear Source,
Regarding the recent "protests" on St. John, let's be honest and call them what they really are. These are not legitimate, constructive protests, nor are these people protesters for justice in any sense of the word.
It's perfectly clear, they have shown their cards by their actions and words, they are simply cheap, thugs who have an ax to grind against anyone who they decide to randomly target.
It seems that they are the true racists since they are targeting innocent white-owned businesses who have nothing to do with any crime and who have no more power than any one else to force the authorities to artificially solve a crime before the facts can be firmly established and leads followed up on in a methodical way.
They have no interest in justice since restaurant owners, markets and their staff who depend on customers to support their families are suffering an injustice at their hands.
They want to ruin the good St. John economy to promote their own agenda, create and falsely stir hatred in St. John's legendary peace and harmony and call attention to themselves for self-centered reasons. The people of St. John are smarter and wiser than that.
These thugs are simply pathetic losers, bullies and hypocrites preying upon vulnerable persons that have nothing to do with the purported crime.
The restaurant owners should accept only verified reservations, and all businesses should post "no trespassing" signs, videotape these people and immediately request the police perform their duty to arrest and prosecute these lowlifes the next time they rear their deranged heads.
This type of atmosphere can quickly grow if left unchecked into wanton violent acts (which many of these persons have publicly expressed a desire for) since they will feel they are free to do whatever they want and that no one, including the police, will standup and challenge them.
Arrest them, prosecute them fully, lock them up and send them back to the hellhole they came from. They have absolutely nothing to offer the good people of St. John.
They need to respect the businesses of St. John and the all of the many hardworking, decent, law-abiding people who own them and their dedicated employees regardless of their race. And they need to respect the law.
Let them go back to St. Croix with its 12.5 percent unemployment, regular murders and rampant crimes, self-inflicted poverty and solve those problems in their own community before they think about preaching hatred to others under the false guise of "unification" and encourage the shameful behavior that they have demonstrated. Their actions and words will never divide St. John the way they clearly intend, it will only unite the community against persons of low moral character like themselves. Shame on them.
Rob Pfriender
Long Island, NY

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