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A Band Member Remembers Nick Friday


Dear Source:
I would like to send my condolences to the family and children of Nick Friday. I would like to say that I remember the good old days of football, basketball and TNT BRASS, our first band. As a member of that band, thanks to Daddy, as we know him, we knew we had a strong leader to follow. He was always aggressive and eager to be the best. About 1977-1978 a new calypsonian was born as he dethroned then king, Prince Kalunda. From that day on, we saw, heard and played with one of the best lyricists in the U.S.V.I. As we moved on to our second band then, Eddie and the Movements, he proved to be all that he could be as we rose to top as the No.1 band of the U.S.V.I. THANKS to Friday. I'll like to say job well done. Sorry I'm not there to celebrate your going home with you, but may you Rest in Peace. Your old long time friend and band member "kochie". Original Conga Man.
Liston (kochie) Lewis Jr.
Tampa, Florida

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