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A Former Classmate and Teammate Remembers Nick Friday


Dear Source:
My deepest condolences to Nick Friday's family and loved ones. When I received a phone call from my sister Dodots telling me that Nick passed away, I was stunned. I've known Friday for a long time. We played on the same football team together at Ivanna Eudora Kean, and we also graduated in the same class in 1981. He was our quarterback and he was a very good player, although we did not win that many games. Friday was definitely a lyrical genius. I remembered back in the day we had a band out of Old Tutu called "Iry Vibrations," and we tried to compete with Eddie and the Movements way before they became "Jam Band." Friday is now the Bob Marley of the Virgin Islands. His music will never die, and I do hope that Boots "Amrose," and the remaining members of Jam Band carry on his legacy for life. I hope that Carnival 2006 will be dedicated to Nick Friday and if it is, I feel that the theme should be "Remembering Daddy Nick for Carnival 2006!" Rest in Peace, Nick.
George "Georgie" Romu
Philadelphia, Penn.

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