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An Old Friend of Friday's Tells a Tale


Dear Source:
Like most people, I was stunned when I heard of the passing of Nick "Daddy" Friday. My condolences go out to his family, friends and all the members of the Jam Band Nation.
As an avid athlete, I knew Friday personally from the various teams we played on together during the mid-80s. Though he was one of the leaders of those teams, and he was coming into his own as a musician as well, I personally did not recognize the influence he was developing over people. As we got older, and I had to deal with him in my role as Carnival's Music Committee's Chairman and he in his role as the leader of Jam Band, I began to see it more and more as he would instruct the masses to perform various acts and they would follow without hesitation. Still, I thought it was only the young he would influence in such a manner…. until Carnival '95.
As I was situated on stage in the village as Jam Band was preparing to do their thing, a lady who appeared to be at least in her '70s, approached me and told me to ask Friday to play "T'ro Bak Battie" for her please. I spoke to Nick just before the band was going to strike up and passed on the request. We both laughed and then he went out and performed the song. The lady went in front of the crowd and started wukkin' up and t'roing back her battie and seemed to be having a whale of a time. When the song was over, she found me and told me to tell him "sing it again." I said OK and asked her "Why?" She said, "I just love Friday and his music."
Our sentiments exactly!
Kirby "de Chairman" Callendar
St. Thomas

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