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Reader Comments on Frett Rape and Sit-in


Dear Source:
i, grew up in stt and when i visit i see that stt has change . on the case, it is true that if a white person got raped, they would have been a parade of suspects march thruogh the precint. it is sad that a black country has allowed whites to dictate their being. but we were warned by the rasta , they never trust the whites always leary of them,. now they populate stt and disrespect the native, and the law focus more on their rights than the black people who built stt, but south Africa in the works, white people just do not like black people they just use our kindness to their advantage. the sit-in has nothing to to with how many blacks work at a sight, but let us pay close attention to the wages and the owners profit, and the way they treat black patrons. so do not try to make this a black on black situation as you people always try to do to prove a point or to seperate us…
suprise me and print this comment , do not hide from the people, let the workers know it is not against them and do not fall for that , he hires black people crap, white people will not work for your wages they would ask for more.. i tried to rent a place there, but once they realize i was black well you figure out what happen.
rex frett
New York


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