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Swedish Artist Exhibits at Christiansted Gallery


Oct. 30, 2005 – Tomas Lanner will be exhibiting his recent paintings at Danica Art Gallery, located on 54 King Street, Christiansted directly across the street from Government House. The opening reception will be held on Nov. 3; from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Lanners’ work will be on display through Nov. 29.
Lanner was born in Oerebro, Sweden in 1970. In 1995 he received a bachelor's. in Marketing and Organizational Psychology at the Uppsala University in Sweden. During that same year, Lanner's first experience with painting took place when he was on exchange at CSU Chico in California.
Lanner stated, "A close friend talked me into taking a beginning painting class and, thanks to him and a very inspiring teacher, I was hooked. At around the same time, my photography started evolving from being strictly documentary into creatively studying the use of angles and dimension. Since then, I have a hunger to create and to share with people around me. When someone says they cannot create, I feel myself getting evangelical and persuasive, assuring them that if they were to let go of their restrictions and allow their imagination to take over, there are hidden treasures inside all of us."
Lanner's journey as an artist began in small galleries and coffee shops in San Francisco. As his renown increased stateside, he left California then moved to Connecticut. In Connecticut, he owned his own gallery, Tomas Lanner Studio from 2002 to 2004. He relocated to St. Croix in 2004 with his wife Amy.
For more information about the exhibition call the gallery at 719-6000 or visit online at "www.danicaartvi.com.".


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