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FYI: Senator White Outraged Over Attempt to Stop Low Income Housing


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Nov. 3, 2005 – Senator Celestino A. White Sr. has expressed displeasure over recent attempts by some Coral Bay residents to stop development for low-income residents on St. John.
According to Senator White, at a recent Coastal Zone Management (CZM) public hearing, some residents of Coral Bay claimed that the development could adversely affect the Johnson Bay area's environment whereby hundreds of new residents could increase pollution and traffic congestion in the area and that the project fails to secure affordable housing for St. John residents.
"Here we go again," underscored Senator White, "this is another attempt by area residents to stop our people from enjoying the vistas and beautiful valleys of our homeland typically set aside for high end condos and vacation homes. The developer of the Coral Bay project is the same company who built Lovenlund Apartments high on the hill at Magens Bay and their concern for the environment and ability to deliver a quality product has been attest to under the watchful eye the Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority," according to Senator White.
It is my understanding that the environmental issues raised at the hearing were addressed in the Coastal Zone application and the "S" zoning presently allows for 80 units per acres, of which 282 is being proposed for the 8 acre development, said Senator White.
The comment that the development fails to secure affordable housing for St. John residents and that "Snow Birds" will move in is ridiculous, said Senator White. "It has not happened at Lovenlund on St. Thomas or Bellevue on St. John and it will not happen in Coral Bay. You can be assured of that," the Senator further emphasized. Basically, they are telling us that firefighters can come to your area to protect your homes but they can't live next to you. I will stand alone, if necessary, to ensure that residents of St. John are afforded every opportunity to live in the most desirous areas of their island, continued Senator White.
I am calling on all residents of St. John to stand strong against this bald-faced kind of segregation and call your elected representatives and insist that they stop hiding and make their position known, concluded Senator White.


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