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Reader Favors Charlotte Amalie Renovation


It is uplifting to hear that a group has been formed to renovate Charlotte Amalie. I recently spoke with merchants in St. Maarten who have pooled their resources to renovate Front Street in Philipsburg, St. Maarten (the equivalent of our Main Street). They have planted many palm trees and installed beautiful streetlights and brick paving on the street.
I note that recently, stone sidewalks are being installed in Charlotte Amalie on Norre Gade from the English Cable Building down to the "Wet Willy's" traffic light. I commend the forces behind that project as well as the very skilled stone masons who are doing a great job.
Since 1989 I have been preaching about burying utility lines on the island. Perhaps now would be an ideal time to bury the ones in Charlotte Amalie starting in the rectangle formed by the waterfront & Main Street (Norre Gade) from Griffith Park to the "Wet Willy's" traffic light. I'm sure federal highway funds, rural electrification funds, or some type of federal matching funds could be obtained to help with such a relatively small project.

George Marshall Miller
St. Thomas

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